Be Global

The Global Engineering RAP is a Spanish, French, and Russian-speaking residence option for students in the College of Engineering.

A Message from Faculty Director Diane Sieber

As Faculty Director of the Global Engineering Residential Academic Program CU, I invite you to consider whether living in a community which helps you to practice and improve your foreign language skills while focusing on global engineering projects and IT-driven intercultural communication matches your life and career goals.

Esta comunidad nos proporciona la oportunidad de vivir la ingeniería global, de aprender el vocabulario técnico de varios campos de especialización y de aprender a comunicarnos con colaboradores internacionales en proyectos técnicos mediante tecnologías informáticas emergentes.

In addition to science and math proficiency, we are also looking for students who
  • want more from their education than technical skills
  • are already (or want to become) fluent in Spanish, French or Russian
  • want to learn how to leverage the latest in international telecommunications tools for working on collaborative international development projects
  • want to be part of building a community that critically engages the needs of the world
  • want to be part of building a community in which students work together and support each other as well-rounded individuals
  • care more about having real global impact than meeting minimum requirements
  • want to have the type of fun that comes from collaborating using cool emerging technologies

The College of Engineering sees the 3 Engineering Residential Academic programs as important to your success in engineering. The College will provide a $500.00 scholarship to you for participating in any one of them.